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Hello, I’m Martin.

Serious vulnerabilities have been discovered that weaken the security of most current computers, phones and tablets. I’m maintaining a page with information about this for my customers and anyone else who may benefit.

I’m a computer technician and tutor serving North Oxford, Kidlington, Woodstock and the surrounding villages. I help with PCs and Macs, tablets, phones, networks, broadband and more.

If you’d like help buying or learning to use a computer product, or have a problem, call me on:

07837 751985

Or send me an email:

My rate is £38 per hour. I give free estimates.

Reassuring stuff

Some things I do

I set up new computers and transfer data, paying particular attention to security, making sure software is updated and that Windows PCs have antivirus installed and superfluous programs removed.

I help with slow broadband. In the rural areas I serve, the telephone lines often aren’t great, but also the older buildings have more internal wiring problems or their thicker walls hamper Wi-Fi.

I help people synchronise email between devices. I encourage the use of modern services like Gmail, and help people migrate to it from other providers.

I recommend and help everyone to back up their computers. It’s easy and cheap!

Some things I like

I really like Apple computers, and believe they are currently the best choice for most people. Their higher cost is justified by the easy, consistent software. Macs are simpler to set up and don’t come with junk programs like most PCs.

I love Gmail. It’s got great security, great spam protection, and is easy to set up on any device. If you want to switch from another email account, Gmail can fetch messages from it too, so you needn’t rush to tell everyone your new address.

I like Devolo’s powerline networking equipment because it’s like a miracle cure for Wi-Fi problems.

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