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Hello, I’m Martin.

I’m a computer technician and tutor serving North Oxford, Kidlington, Woodstock and the surrounding villages. I help with Mac and Windows computers, tablets, phones, broadband and more.

Call or text: 07837 751985


I charge £38 per hour.

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As well as being fascinating in themselves, computers have made amazing things possible that benefit humanity in ways our ancestors couldn’t have imagined. But there’s a lot not to like about the way things are today.

Products are not built to last, which harms the environment. Software is too complex and changes too rapidly, so it’s rarely as reliable or enjoyable as it could be. Lack of oversight means people are exposed to risks on a level that wouldn’t be tolerated in construction, transport, food or medicine.

It’s my passion to help people navigate this world and make the best of the situation: to understand what’s important, make pragmatic choices, and get technology to work for them.


I’ve volunteered as editor of the Tackley Newsletter since 2006 and as production assistant for Woodstock & Bladon News since 2017. I built and manage the website of Tackley Local History Group.

My other creations include the static HTML templating system Tiny and the music quiz Beats Me.

I like cycling, eighties music, small dogs and birds.

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