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January 2018: Serious vulnerabilities have been discovered that weaken the security of most current computers, phones and tablets. I’m maintaining a page with information about this.

Hello, I’m Martin.

I’m a computer technician and tutor serving North Oxford, Kidlington, Woodstock and the surrounding villages. I help with PCs and Macs, tablets, phones, networks, broadband and more.

If you’d like help buying or learning to use a computer product, or have a problem, call me on:

07837 751985

Or send me an email:

My rate is £38 per hour. I give free estimates.

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I’ve volunteered as editor of the Tackley Newsletter since 2006 and as production assistant for Woodstock & Bladon News since 2017. I built and manage the website of Tackley Local History Group.

My other creations include the static HTML templating system Tiny and the music quiz Beats Me.

I like cycling, eighties music, small dogs and birds.